Linley Rose, Master Certified Coach with The International Coach Federation, co-founder and director of Coaching Pacific Ltd, is thrilled to announce coaching and leadership training programmes are now available at


Successful leaders want to thrive. They want to be inspirational. Successful leaders want to be challenged to greatness.They are ready to challenge themselves.

And welcome the challenge of a skilled leadership coach.

One who will assist them in identifying the opportunities, seeing things they didn’t know, seeing the possibilities and following through to success.

Linley’s mastery of the art and science of coaching takes you from block to breakthrough, to a new choice point via asking questions allowing you to explore, understand and construct new realities.

Linley believes that everything is possible- as long as you know what you want and you want it enough. Linley coaches leaders who want to leverage their jobs and lives for the better – men and women who expect extraordinary results.

If you are coachable, willing to celebrate success, committed to personal and professional development (that leads to transformation in yourself and others) then you and Linley can create a powerful partnership together.

Linley Rose, Coaching Associates chief coach, is a skilled, highly qualified, very experienced executive coach.

She specializes in Personal leadership development, and Performance coaching , helping people think better to get better outcomes.

Linley’s coaching is based in a great zest for life; an absolute belief that we are capable of so much more, that we can train/change our brains to achieve better outcomes, really loving the life we are living.

Linley’s coaching has a neuroscience (understand your own brain) approach and offers an inspiring mix of rigorous work to raise your awareness with a sensitivity to your individual needs. The core of the work is understanding your passionas and doing what you love in accordance to your strengths.

Linley promises to:

  • Listen deeply
  • Communicate intuitively
  • Be completely in the moment with you
  • Give you the space to think and speak
  • Be ready to play and experiment
  • Be gracious but provocative
  • Challenge you and take some risks
  • Support you to raise your awareness, make bold decisions and modify your habits