Client Feedback

Client Feedback
This section will provide you with detail of many of our clients coaching or training experience. Coaching Associates values the privacy of all clients so it is our policy not to use full names. If you would like to speak to a past client personally please just ask and we shall make that available.
Coaching Testimonials
Training Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials
What Linley’s Clients Have To Say:

“Linley’s energy is highly motivating and enjoyable to work with. Her skill as a coach was evident throughout our whole series and she amazed me how she could see clearly through the issues and provide clarity and insight to my own blocks. Her ability to redirect my focus towards solutions was a key factor in my personal success.”
– NP – Senior Underwriter

“Sometimes people are put off by the cost of using a coach. Find the right coach as I did and you’ll soon realise that the dollar value pales into insignificance compared with the results. Thank you Linley!”
– Mark B – Real Estate salesperson

“…….. Linley took me beyond the “one day I will…”or “I should…” to the action required to make them happen. She guided me through the habitual excuses and barriers to more useful ways of thinking and acting.”
– G. L – Education Consultant

“My biggest regret is that I haven’t been taught about coaching during my postgraduate studies in business administration. I realise that coaching is a way of managing and treating people. I wish I had known about coaching in my corporate days when I was responsible for 2200 staff.”
– PS – General Manager

“Throughout the coaching series, she not only challenged me but also offered different ideas for approaching tasks/issues from her own vast experience. Her enthusiasm is genuine and you feel that she is with you every step of the way. I whole-heartedly recommend Linley as a Coach.”
– J.O. – Project Manager

“.. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Linley, I am a great believer in calling in the right people to help you in your areas of weakness and she has fulfilled this role thoroughly.”
– W.B. – Interior Designer

“The problem:Me ; The solution: Me: The answer: Life coaching

Faced with a chronic loss of self confidence and belief, Linley Rose helped me explore my true self and find the answers. Linley guided and challenged me with compassion and understanding. With this personal support I was able to truly explore with growing confidence.

Now, I am back to the old me – much improved and with the tools to cope in the future.”
– K.H. – Manager

“Having spent considerable time and money on my personal development I really thought I had “done the work”. After 3 months coaching with Linley I now know that the “work” had at best been superficial. Linley challenged me to look beyond my “knowing”. The insights and breakthroughs I made, the encouragement and acknowledgement from Linley confirm this was an investment I am happy to have made.”
– P.L. – Manager

“Taking on a coach was a decision made after much resistance! Our sessions often took me out of my comfort zone but I never felt unsafe. I recognized the advantages of allowing myself to be challenged and this was always done in a trusting way. I had put in place such clever strategies for self sabotage that took enormous amounts of energy to maintain. What a relief to let all that go! Thanks Linley for being a fabulous motivator and listener.”
– L.C. – Business Owner

“Linley is sensitive and funny. She is caring and clear. She takes no prisoners in the procrastination games which I am so good at playing! If you want a coach who will hold you to your greatness whilst being your most enthusiastic cheer-leader look no further!”
– MB – Coach

“Everyday I realise the tremendous impact my coaching sessions with you has had on all the changes we are making. Thanks again for that”
– H G – Business owner
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Training Testimonials
Here is a selection of comments from programmes facilitated by Linley Rose

Thank you for the super experience this has been for me. I would have liked to have had Linley as a course facilitator on the many other courses I have attended. Her professionalism, ability to communicate ,to be direct and yet sympathetic, to teach effectively and her overall management was exceptional.

This email is to acknowledge you for your skill as a trainer and your ability to inspire your trainees with what coaching is about and what it can provide and the compassion and understanding to share that powerfully.

Inclusive of everyone, clear instructions, generous to participants.

Thank you so much for a fantastic course – I really enjoyed it and learnt “heaps”! You are a wonderful trainer – thank you.

Set great context. Kept us really in focus.

Coached examples well.

Made us all feel a part of the group.

Kept the enthusiasm high.

Thanks Linley for a brilliant course, really enjoyed the sharings tonight Acknowledged the different levels of experience in the group. Linley uses humour. She is professional. She keeps to schedules. Her explanation of new concepts is well done using analogies. She is dedicated and committed!

She doesn’t need to do anything better.

Linley was able to keep the programme going but at the same time knowing when to spend extra time on areas that we needed to. Linley has a great sense of fun. There was a lot of ‘stretching’ of the classmates and challenging – it was very motivational.

Linley provided energy, challenge, and supported self directed learning within the group, showed great flexibility in allowing the personality of the group to come through on many occasions and then moved straight back to specific learning; she demonstrated spontaneous and appropriate humour. Her generosity in sharing, connection and availability was tremendous. Above all Linley was highly credible in her knowledge of the material she was delivering and she clearly demonstrated competency and integrity in the way she delivered the opportunity for us all to learn a wonderful new skill.

Delivered with passion!