What is coaching? ^ back to top

Coaching is where a coach and client work in professional partnership towards the client achieving his/her desired goals.

The essential elements of coaching are;
  • It occurs over time, three to six months are recommended.
  • It cultivates self-directed learning.
  • Coaching is forward and solutions focussed.
  • It creates awareness and responsibility.
  • It provides stretch and positive feedback.

Coaching techniques utilise elements from psychology, NLP, management development, personal development, emotional intelligence, adult learning theory, and mentoring teachings.

Why does coaching work? ^ back to top

Coaches facilitate positive change.
Coaching is helping people manufacture courage.
Coaching is helping people think better, faster, more simply and more clearly.
Coaching is about people being inspired to create great results.
Coaches are curious and stay connected to you.

Good coaching will start by clarifying what you really want in your life. You and your coach are a partnership focused on your goals for quicker and more successful results than working on your own. Coaches are 100% focused on you.

Coaches will help you achieve your goals, because
  • They listen
  • They ask powerful, sometimes provocative, learning questions.
  • They are trained to give positive and effective feedback.
  • They make no judgements – they ask questions and make observations to help clients clarify their thinking, learning.
  • They allow you to think bigger and achieve more than you would working alone.
  • A coach provides you with a source of accountability to implement an action plan.

Who is a coach? ^ back to top

A coach is a mentor, a manager, a friend, a confidante, a guide, a performance trainer, an observer, and a butt-kicker. Someone who has amazing listening skills and is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Professional coaches will have a certificate of assessed competency, either from their training school or an independent governing body such as the International Coach Federation (ICF). www.coachfederation.org

Who hires a coach? ^ back to top

Entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, in fact anyone who wants to improve, change a current situation or who want more clarity or focus in their life.

  • Companies who like to use coaching as an employee or team developmental tool.
  • Individuals who know the road they are travelling will not get them to their ultimate destination.
  • People who want to improve or de-stress their lives, but can’t seem to.
  • People in transition – career, business, stage of life
  • Someone who wants to transition from manager to inspirational leader

What do I need to do to get the most from coaching? ^ back to top

You need to know that coaching is not a soft option. You need to make the most of the opportunity.

You need to trust your coach and be willing to take on a fresh perspective. Be actively engaged. Be accountable, responsible and get committed to doing what you say you are going to do.

Come prepared for your coaching session by having completed your agreed actions. Know that coaching is an investment and fast tracks the future you want.

How should I choose a coach? ^ back to top

Look for the ‘fit’.

The chemistry should feel right pretty much instantly. You should sense that the coach really knows where you are coming from, and has experienced coaching themselves.

Look for a certificate of assessed competency, either from an approved training school or an independent governing body such as the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Consider someone who coaches full time and has proper business structures in place – professional indemnity insurance and adheres to a recognized code of ethics.

Expert business knowledge is not necessary, but if you are a business owner, you would expect your coach to understand business concepts and language. A professional or executive would expect the coach to be confident being in that area.

Is coaching confidential? ^ back to top

Yes. Good coaches will have a professional mentor who they discuss their coaching practice issues and challenges with, but always maintain client confidentiality.

If you are being provided a coach by your employer, the issues of who knows what and when will be dealt with and agreed to prior to starting the coaching relationship.

How do coaching sessions work? ^ back to top

With Coaching Associates, coaching is either through face to face or by telephone. The choice is yours.

The first meeting is an obligation free trial – you leave the trial session with information about coaching and some inspiring goals set for yourself. Allow 60 – 75 minutes.

Each subsequent session is one hour long; each session is similar in structure except the content changes dramatically as you move towards your goals!

Sessions are weekly or fortnightly at a regular time. We recommend 12 session series over three or six months. Geographic location is not important, telephone coaching is very powerful.

What might be happening in your life to motivate you to choose coaching? ^ back to top

  • You are not sure what you want.
  • You are successful but not satisfied.
  • Your life or work is spinning out of control.
  • You don’t have enough time, money or energy.
  • Your career is not where you want it to be.
  • You feel lost, confused, don’t know what to do next.
  • You’re unhappy, unmotivated, and unsatisfied at home or at work.
  • You want it all and are overwhelmed by choices.
  • Your life lacks passion and purpose.

What is the Return on Investments (ROI) for Coaching? ^ back to top

Coaching Associates Clients on average achieve a 90% success rate in achieving their goals.

On their last coaching session every client is asked to rate the success of their goal achievement by looking at what they have accomplished since setting the goals with Coaching Associates.

If you are a business or corporate client talk to Coaching Associates about how to set specific pre-determined unique measures your company would want to attain.

My life is happy/OK – why do I need a coach? ^ back to top

Coaching is a way of acknowledging where we are at in our lives and where we want to go. You may want to look at your life and examine what you need to do to remain happy.

Have you really examined what you define as success and are you on track to achieving this in your life? Perhaps you have self limiting barriers that are preventing you from fulfilling your life potential?

Coaching can help you remove barriers, set new goals and define what is really important to you.

What should I expect from coaching? ^ back to top

You should expect to become energised and excited about your life.

You should expect to set some inspirational goals and have a coach who is focused on helping you achieve those goals.

You should expect to move forward in your life.

You should expect to achieve your goals as long as you are committed to the coaching process and open to feedback.