What I Offer

Executive Coaching – programmes for individuals.

Every client has different requirements, thus I offer a choice of programmes to accommodate your unique needs. In general terms coaching programmes are typically for between 6 and 12 months and will consist of 8 through to 15 1 to 1.5 hour sessions.

How will we start?

Intro Meeting

At this completely obligation free meet and greet either face to face, by telephone or Skype for up to 20 minutes we will discuss what process you envisage will work best for you. My role, apart from hearing from you as to is to introduce myself, explain what coaching is and isn’t, how it most commonly works, what my commitment to you will be, and what your commitment would be if you choose to take me on as your coach.

At the end of that meeting if you decide to proceed we will complete an agreement encompassing all the logistics and how we have agreed to partner together, plus we will set a date for a Goal Generating session. We might also have a need to meet with your sponsor if there is a third party interest in the coaching programme.

After the Goal Generating session we will then proceed to accelerate you towards the outcomes you want to achieve in the frequency and at times which we have previously agreed. And all of these sessions can be virtual or in person.

One of the most rewarding outcomes of working in partnership with a coach is how much you learn about yourself, and how you can leverage yourself to be at your best. As part of that I will always introduce you to some work that, from my years of experience, clients find immensely valuable and energising. This is work on your Signature Strengths and your Values in Action.

The Investment:

Face to face engagements:

8 sessions – NZ$3000 (plus GST for New Zealand residents)

10 sessions NZ$3750(plus GST for New Zealand residents)

12 sessions NZ$4200(plus GST for New Zealand residents)

15 sessions NZ$5250(plus GST for New Zealand residents)

Telephone or Skype sessions

8 sessions – NZ$2400 (plus GST for New Zealand residents)

10 sessions NZ$3000(plus GST for New Zealand residents)

12 sessions NZ$3360(plus GST for New Zealand residents)

15     sessions NZ$4200(plus GST for New Zealand residents)

Coach Training

I am very proud to launch an innovative full spectrum coach training programme called Executive and Organisational Coaching. This programme has incorporated all my knowledge and experience gained training coaches in public and in-house programmes over the last 10 years all around the world. The offering is under the auspices of my other company directorship Coaching Pacific Ltd. Please do ask me for more information to be inspired by what is available. Not only is this the perfect leadership development programme for executives wishing to be competent, confident  coaches at work, it is ideal for anyone about to enter into a career incorporating Executive coaching. Our Associate programme can help turn the attendance ofICF qualified and trained coaches into a business opportunity.



Mentor Coaching for International Coach Federation Certification

As your Master Certified coach I will guide you through all you need to know to be exam ready. You will learn to master the core competencies in teleclasses that are experiential and fun so that you apply for your exam with ease and complete confidence.

I can offer you the full 10 hours you will need to meet the ICF Mentor Coaching Requirements made up of 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of individual mentoring.

I will provide you with:

  • Constructive feedback and support on your demonstration of the core competencies in each of the teleclasses
  • One letter of reference for your ICF Credential application providing I hear competent coaching
  • One letter confirming the number of hours you have attended mentoring with me.

1: Group Mentor Calls

There are 5 calls at 2 weekly intervals. Your first call is 1 hour long and then there are 4 of 1.5 hours duration

2:One-to-one mentoring

You will receive 3 hours of mentoring. Some of this time will be listening to at least two recordings you are making in preparation for your exam.

Note: You may choose to enroll for both options or just one of them.


Your Investment

Group Mentoring programmeNZ$750 (plus GST for New Zealand residents)

One-to-one Mentoring programmeNZ$ 900 (plus GST for New Zealand residents)

Full programme combining Group andOne-to-one Mentoring NZ$1550 (plus GST for New Zealand residents)



Full attendance at the class time each week is required. In the event that you need to miss a group teleclass please contact me immediately to make your arrangements for a one-on-one teleclass. An additional fee is assessed for any group calls that need to be rescheduled as one-on-one. Group teleclasses cost much less to provide and therefore, are priced differently than one-on-one classes.


Payment must be made in full prior to Teleclass 1. Payment can be made by direct credit, cheque made out to Coaching Associates Ltd or Pay Pal. If you choose Pay Pal please add 3% to the cost of the programme.

Course Schedule:

Please email Linley to receive the start date for the next programme.

Facilitation, Workshops, Speaking, Group or Team Coaching

I would be delighted to engage in a conversation with you about what I can offer from my expertise in Communication and personal and professional development on a wide variety of subjects. Please contact me directly on this link.